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Your Guide To San Marcos Bail Bonds

Enter  your information in the contact form to the right to be connected to a San Marcos Tx bail bondsman. A bondsman is probably the first person that most people call in order to get a loved one out of jail as soon as possible.

When your friend or loved one is arrested, in most cases you will have to bail them out by securing what is known as the bail bond. Unless you have experience in dealing with the court system, the chances are that you only know about the Hays County Tx bail bonds through watching television shows. However, there is a lot more involved in these processes than just the judge banging down his gavel and shouting “Bail has been set at $10,000.”

What You Need To Know About Bail

In simple terms, bail makes up an agreement made between a defendant and a court. This agreement involves that the defendant has agreed to appear and show up for all the scheduled court dates. The court also agrees that they will return the money paid for the bail as soon as the trial comes to an end. If the bail was set at $5,000 then the defendant is offered the opportunity to pay this amount to a court for an exchange of release from jail.

When the accused fails to adhere to their side of this bargain or they miss a court date, the $5,000 is immediately forfeited. This is followed up by a warrant that will be issued out for the arrest of the accused. If the defendant does appear for the hearings, the money is refunded when the trial comes to an end, even if the accused is convicted.

If an accused is unable to come up with the amount required for release from prison, they are forced to stay in jail until their case comes to an end. Because, some trials can take months to start from the actual time of the arrest, achieving bail is an essential priority for the majority of defendants. The issue, for many individuals is that they usually won’t have the funds on hand that they require for their release. For this very reason, most defendants make use of a Hays County bail bond to obtain a release from jail.